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UPDATE: Keen observers (And thank you, whoever you are) may have noticed that there hasn't been much activity on this site of late. Rest assured I am beavering away in the background, but what, you may wonder, has been going on in the past year? Well, I had a minor stroke in March '07, and am recovering well to date. During that time I've been working on Year Two for Knights of Order, Savant Garde, Star of Telluria and Tempus Fugitives, each of which picks up events six months after the end of #12, and I have posted teasers on the relevant pages to give you a foretaste of where things are headed. I'm also trying to load all my storyboard ideas onto my pc - a monumental task which sparked off this new phase of creativity following the stroke - and trying to look after myself as best I can while trying to figure the best way forward for Eidetic Sojourns and Cosmic Blueprint. And I've recently started work on two limited series: 'Titan And Europa', which is connected to Savant Garde, and 'Solar War I', which is connected to Star of Telluria and may guest feature a few Knights along the way, as well as starting work on a novel. So, rest assured that things are afoot, even if there's little evidence of it here to date.

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Knights of Order

The original 'Knights of Order' were a band of warriors from a far-away, long forgotten Elysian era in this Earth's history, which was torn asunder by a war between aliens, demons and technomages, and was referred to throughout the multiverse as the Transplane War; though with typical human perversity it was more colloquially referred to across the Earths as the Age of the Exotics. There are those who've either lived through or studied that earlier era who would question whether this team truly deserves this hallowed title they have yet to really earn. Few would deny that our heroes have much to prove, and much to live up to.

This Earth is in a state of turmoil. The United States have been replaced by the Broken Promised Land, as multinational conglomerates seize the reins in the wake of Man’s disillusionment with politicians.

Here, Man barely recalls the Transplane War, unlike their cousins on her sister planet, Telluria. Yet there exist those who would fight to ensure that a second such war never comes to pass. The forces of Order and Chaos are gathering, however, and a second Transplane War is seeming more and more inevitable…

Star of Telluria

Telluria is a world that has only recently begun to explore the stars once more, having endured a number of Dark Ages in the aftermath of the Transplane War, which is still well remembered on this world. In fact, modern history dates from Anno Liberatum; the end of that terrible war. It is currently 10064 Anno Liberatum. Jesus, Buddha and Allah either never existed here, or simply never had the same impact. Telluria's hagiographic calendar dates from the end of the era Man refers to as the Age of the Exotics. Its saints number many of the noblest heroes of that Age.

Similar in so many ways to the Earth that is home to the Knights of Order, yet Amazons, Incas, Aztecs and other races are still known here, while elsewhere they have been consigned to history, or the realms of myth. Their Oracles have allowed them to communicate across the globe, as well as observe events on Earth for millennia, and thus they've been able avoid many of the pitfalls that have stymied their cousins' development. Instead, they've developed in leaps and bounds on every level, with a single global Government, few ecological worries or social ills. That's not to say they don't have their troubles, however.

Mars paid a higher price for what the Tellurians refer to as Anno Liberatum than any world in the solar system, and the Martians have only recently come out of their millennial hibernation and begun to interact once more with other races. Man and Martian played a pivotal role in the universe once, along with Jovians and Venusians. For all that anyone is aware, the civilizations of Jupiter and Venus are still recuperating. Are they prepared to take that mantle up once more?

Tempus Fugitives

Propheteer came up with the technology for the Chrono-tunnels and, fearing for his life,  planted it where he knew it would be discovered by a philanthropic group of technologists. Knowing other factions would seek to use the Tunnels for their own ends, threatening to alter history and cause schisms in the timelines, those technologists founded the Time Wardens. Hiding in plain sight from those who would seek his life, Propheteer forges Tempus Fugitives with Visionary: a time loose temporal sensitive who has travelled forward from the Age of the Exotics to prevent a second Age from ever coming to pass, and Leanne: a mysterious Silicate from the future.

In this era, three Earths circle the sun, and on two, time is measured ‘Post Shunt’ – though not to exactly the same date. Tempus Fugitives inhabit Rhea. Telluria is the second Earth, and Gaea is the third. On Rhea and Gaea, the year is 476 Post Shunt; but on Gaea they also recognize the date as 182 Post Shunt. Who’s been playing cosmic billiards with the Solar system, and why – and is the game now over? On Telluria it is now 10552. Check out Star of Telluria and do the math.

What became of the Earth of the Knights of Order? Make no mistake; this is not some possible future that may or may not come to pass. This is the real deal, and that is only one of the questions waiting to be answered. Prepare to explore the future history of a world not unlike your own…

Savant Garde

Visage has returned to Terra to reclaim her humanity. Made a pawn in the never ending game between the Lords of Light and Darkness to decide the ultimate fate of humanity, she is determined to play that game on her own terms. Forging Savant Garde from a number of disaffected metasapient misfits, she prepares to defend the world of her birth.

Terra has little or no recollection of the Transplane War that once raged across all reality. She has troubles enough of her own, with pollution, overcrowding, dwindling resources, and frayed relationships between baseline Sapiens and their genetically superior cousins, the Metasapiens. The World Order Council and Global Defence Council are doing all they can to prepare Terra to face the uncertain future, but it may not be enough…

Changeling’s Path

An every day tale of metasapience, post-Cold War paranoia, aliens, faeries and gender dysphoria. This started life as a short story for an anthology of gay science fiction, but that book never saw the light of day, so instead I intend to rework the story as a limited series in the Savant Garde continuum.